Thursday, October 20, 2011

How to solve Windows Live Mail error 0X800488FE

Today I encountered a new Windows Live Mail error # 0X800488FE. I could not receive my mail in the WLM client, and deleting and recreating the account in Windows Live Mail would not work.

When I tried to login on the Hotmail website, I was told that apparently my account had been blocked because the guys at Hotmail suspected that someone else was using my account. So I had to pass through several reload pages of setting up new passwords, and unless I checked the "change my password every 72 days" option, Hotmail would not accept any changes of password and kept on blocking the account.

But after checking this option and giving them more information about password reset options like my mobile phone number and alternative email address, they have readily unblocked the account, and by updating my new password in the Windows Live Mail Hotmail account, I can once again read my mail hassle free on the local mail client.

So if you get this error, don't panic. Just log in from the Hotmail website and they will help you through the resetting of your password, and everything should go back to normal after that.


  1. Thanks. That worked. You need to login using your browser and unblock your account. The "Reset my Password every 72 days" is optional.

  2. Not working for me, please see the below error:

    Please try again
    There was a problem and unfortunately, we have to ask you to sign in again. We're sorry for the inconvenience.

  3. the pages told me i had to create a new hotmail address and new password to go with it. when i wanted to go back to my old email address and password it wouldn't let me and gave me the same "blocked account" message. No Progress

  4. I am still confused but it is late. I will leave this up so I can look at it again in the morning.
    Thank you

  5. Didn't work for me either. I've been sending them my mobile phone number for the last couple of days via their instructions I am supposed to receive a "verification code" via my phone. Hasn't happend. Very frustrating. Have had to right off my hotmail and start from scratch with a yahoo account. Feel like I've got no support from them at all.

  6. To all those for whom this solution does not work, I can only sympathize because I am not the Microsoft expert. I just shared what worked for me, I cannot fix this for you unfortunately. Congrats to those for whom this method worked :) I'm happy for you...

  7. Worked brilliantly for me thanks!


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